Extraction hoods / Supply air units

Wagener Gastronomie Engineering equips cruise ships with its patented extraction hoods and supply air units for the catering sector.

Dispensing towers

If you are looking for a high quality dispensing system and really value the highest degree of flexibility and top quality at a fair price, you should choose a Wagener Gastronomie Engineering product.

We offer an extensive range of dispensing towers made of stainless steel, brass and copper, so we can meet all customer requirements. You tell us what you need, and we will make it happen - we implement speedy and flexible customised manufacture and supply you with top quality products.

 It is extremely important to us that the entire production process is carried out under one roof - in our production buildings. This ensures we fulfil your requirements to your complete satisfaction.

In order to do this, however, it is essential for you to provide us with a sketch. All components are manufactured by us - never bought in. This is irrespective of whether you require a standard or custom-made product. This is possible because of our high level of expertise, many years of experience as well as our specially-trained employees.

 Of course, all variants can be produced and delivered, including mountings and high quality tap adapters to suit your individual needs.

As you can see from the images, there are no limits to what we can produce. The greater your need for customisation and the bigger the challenge, the more reason you have to choose us for manufacture of your dispensing systems.

 We manufacture your dispensing system speedily and flexibly, not least because of our highly regarded expertise in this field. We offer products exclusively manufactured by us - one single source, by skilled experts.

Laundry service accessories

Whether you require lint tumble dryer filters or wet filters for washing machines, we manufacture according to your individual needs. All stainless steel filter inserts include the necessary free cross-section to enable optimal performance. We can provide foldable ironing boards, laundry shelving, bases & all types of stainless steel tables.

Wall & ceiling system

For many years we have supplied a wall & ceiling system for kitchens for the giant cruise liners of Werft in Papenburg. This system has meanwhile been filed for patent by Meyer Werft.

Press release: Meyer Werft & W-G-E

Drains & coverings

We manufacture drains according to drawings for the shipbuilding sector. Any shape & size is possible - whether you require round, square, glass-bead blasted or primed. All coverings are available with various types of perforated plates: embossed to prevent slipping, oval-shaped laser cut or punched into round shapes. These are available, of course, in V2A or V4A.

Special-purpose design

Anything is possible!!!

When it comes to stainless steel, we can "conjure up" a finished product in a short space of time simply based on a "pencil sketch". Whether as a prototype or series production, we advise, construct, and simply implement what the customer requires.